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How to get fast-track passport clearance at Singapore’s Changi Airport


Australian frequent travellers can now skip any immigration queues at Singapore’s Changi Airport in favour of strolling through the automated passport control lanes ordinarily reserved for Singapore locals.

After a brief fee-free registration process, you’ll have access to the eIACS (enhanced-Immigration Automated Clearance System) channel for two years from the date of approval, covering an unlimited number of trips to the Lion City.

Singapore eIACS fast track: what you’ll need:

Before you can register you’ll need to satisfy three basic requirements:
Must have entered and exited Singapore (not simply transited) at least three times in the previous 12 months using the same passport
Provide a spare passport-style photograph, such as available from Australia Post
Your passport is valid for at least six more months with at least one completely blank passport page


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