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New Pathways for Filipino CPAs to Become CPA Australia Members

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On 27 November 2015, CPA Australia and the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) signed a Member Pathway Agreement (MPA) to further develop the relationship between the two bodies and establish guidelines on how qualified members of PICPA and/or candidates who have passed the local CPA Licensure exams can attain an international designation recognised across the globe through CPA Australia.

Becoming a CPA gives local CPAs in the Philippines and PICPA members the opportunity to promote their technical expertise through an association that is well recognised throughout Australia, Asia and around the globe.

The term of this MPA agreement is valid until the day 26 November 2018 and it will be revisited for possible renewal near the end of the term, and is available to:

candidates who have completed the licensure exams in Philippines and/or PICPA members who have served the profession for more than 10 years in a senior capacity (see Pathway 1 below)
local CPA candidates in Philippines and/or PICPA members regardless of the number of years of experience (see pathway 2 below).
By taking up the CPA Program, candidates who have passed the local CPA Licensure exams and/or PICPA members will receive recognition as an Associate member of CPA Australia and the opportunity to attain full membership status by completing three or six examination papers based on the Pathway below.


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